Online Mixing
Let me take the tracks you have recorded and build a finished mix on par with professional, big-budget productions.

From $250 per song

Pre-production Advice
Do you have a song or a group of songs written, but you need a "second set of ears" to objectively listen & give you unbiased feedback & suggestions?

Personalised arrangement, production and recording advice can make a HUGE difference to the final product.

Before you hit "record", let me help you get the most out of your songs!

Detailed pre-production demo critiques:
$30 per song.
Mix & Post-Production Guidance
As a musician/mixer/audio engineer, I completely understand that you might LOVE the challenge of recording and mixing your own song.

Let me cast a discerning "second set of ears" over your work and and assist you in extending your abilities to their full potential.

In-progress mix critiques:
$15 per song