Online Mixing
"Upper Hand" by Ghostly Beard
Mixed & Mastered by Coldroom Studio
"Limitless" by Ghostly Beard
Mixed Coldroom Studio
"Tired of You" by Derek Reese
Mixed & Mastered by Coldroom Studio
Yeah Boy" by Robert Cameron
Mixed & Mastered by Coldroom Studio
"Personality" by "Why Wait"
Mixed & Mastered by Coldroom Studio
"Four Points" by Young Griffo (from the "Tiny Islands" EP) Mix by Coldroom Studio
Soundtrack for "Le Tour" Animation by James Hazael
Music Composition, Production, Performance, Sound Effects, Synchronisation, Mixing & Mastering by Coldroom Studio 
"First Astro" by Young Griffo
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Coldroom Studio
"Clementine" by Mitch Dol (feat. Laura Dol)
Recording, Production, Drums, Bass , Keys, additional Guitars, Mixing & Mastering by Coldroom Studio

"Let's Get Psychotic" by The Grownups
Mixed by Coldroom Studio