Online Mixing
About Us
Let me introduce myself:  I'm Andrew Gosden.  I'm a musician with 40 years playing experience. Along with playing in various bands, I have been recording & producing my own music for the past 29 years.

Like most musicians, I spent many years honing my musical skills, all the while desiring to create my music to share with others. Awestruck by the incredible production values of the music of my formative years, I resigned myself to the idea that "professional-sounding" recordings were unattainable.

Seemingly overnight, at the end of the 20th century, rapid advances in the quality of affordable digital audio equipment "set the bar higher". I began working on my productions with renewed confidence, and the results gradually came...With the coming of the internet age, I started posting my productions online for review by others... Slowly, other musicians began to approach me asking: "Can you help make my songs sound like that?

So, for the past 10 years, I have become involved more heavily in producing & mixing specifically. I have gradually been developing my mixing skills to the point where I am now regularly mixing various artists around the world. 

My Specialties

  • Highly creative mixing aimed at serving the song, first & foremost.
  • Pre-production consultation - Arrangement, general production & recording advice.
  • Mix & production critiques
  • Mix advice
  • Mix "Renovations"
  • Song Production & Recording